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Improve the Health and Performance of Your Horse

UNDERSTAND the physiology of your horse

ENHANCE the performance of your horse

IMPROVE the nutritional intake and health of your horse

UNCOVER secrets of setting up a safe and environmentally responsible horse housing establishment

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Please visit our new Equine Studies Online website to view all of our equine science, equine business, equine welfare and advanced courses.

Shaggy Horse Photo for Global Perspestives courseExplore Equine Practices on an International Level

For many of us, the issue of global equine welfare can stir conflicting emotions. What may appear to be lack of common sense to us, can be regarded as a commonly accepted practice to others.  What better way to learn about the issues of welfare for horses than by travelling the globe with Equine Guelph’s new online course, Global Perspectives in Equine Welfare.

“Equines are used for a variety of different purposes around the world, whether for pleasure riding or competition, kept as pets, or used for research, as working animals and in some countries, as food animals,” says course instructor Dr. Nicki Cross of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in New Zealand. “The versatility of the horse in all these sectors means that an in depth look into their welfare under these different conditions proves complex and stimulating.” Read More...


Why do horses do the things they do?

Finding out just why horses do the things they do is the focus of Advanced Equine Behaviour, a 12-week course being offered by Equine Guelph that has been designed to increase your knowledge through evidence-based research as it relates to horse behaviour, learning theory, and related welfare issues.

“The field of horse behaviour and welfare has exploded with research in the last 10 years and more is generated each season,” said course instructor Kelly Hecker-Jimmerson. “My job as instructor is to highlight some of the areas that are getting the most attention - for example, equine learning, neurophysiology of behaviour and stress, and welfare management. We also show students where to find the latest research, without reading or hearing about it from a second or third party, so that they can stay informed even after the class is over. This will help them develop the proper skills to critically assess research and apply it to real life situations.” Read More

It All Comes Down to Genetics

Have you ever wondered why some horses can naturally excel at a certain discipline while others cannot? Or why some breeds of horses are more susceptible to illness than others? Equine Guelph will be offering students the opportunity to understand the importance of genetics and how it can influence a horse’s ability to perform or render it susceptible to certain diseases, unsoundness or even a genetic disorder with its 12-week course, Equine Genetics. Read more

A Horse’s Health – More Than Just Skin Deep ...The key to a horse’s health lies beneath its appearance.

A growing number of horse owners rely on the misconception that if their horse appears healthy and fit, then chances are it is. What if we had the tools to help us look beyond a horse’s appearance so that good decisions could be made for its optimal health and management? Read More ...



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